7.2. Partially upgrading the source code

In some cases, a ProsePoint upgrade will only affect files underneath the profiles directory. If so, instead of updating the entire source code tree, you may substitute a simpler procedure that updates just the profiles directory (and everything below it).

The upgrade notes for each new version of ProsePoint will state if a partial source code upgrade is permissible. If you are unsure, or if there is no mention of partial source code upgrades, then always update the entire source code tree.

A sample simpler procedure is as follows:

  • Backup the directory tree into a separate location backup, where backup is a directory which already exists ie. /tmp, home/user etc.

    # cp -rp ProsePointRoot backup

  • Extract the new ProsePoint source code.

    # tar fxz prosepoint-0.04.tar.gz

  • Copy profiles from the new source code into ProsePointRoot.

    # rm -rf ProsePointRoot/profiles

    # cp -rp prosepoint-0.04/profiles ProsePointRoot