6.3. Installing the source code

The next step is to copy the ProsePoint source code to the appropriate location and ensure directory and file permissions are correct.

ProsePoint can be installed at your webroot or in a subdirectory underneath. If you install at your webroot, ProsePoint will be accessible by a web address like http://yoursite.yourdomain.com. If you install in a subdirectory, ProsePoint will be accessible by a web address like http://yoursite.yourdomain.com/your_subdirectory.

Decide where you will install ProsePoint. For the purposes of this section, we will call this directory the ProsePointRoot.


You can recognise the ProsePointRoot because it will, after following this procedure, contain subdirectories such as includes, modules, scripts, misc, and sites.


Depending on your web server configuration, your webroot may be /var/www or /var/www/html or something else entirely. You need to know where your web server's webroot is located.
  • Uncompress the ProsePoint compressed archive into any directory on your server.

    $ tar fxz prosepoint-0.03.tar.gz

  • Create the ProsePointRoot directory if it doesn't already exist.

    $ mkdir ProsePointRoot

  • Move the extracted files to your ProsePointRoot and remove the (now-empty) prosepoint-0.03 directory. Enter your ProsePointRoot.

    $ mv prosepoint-0.03/* prosepoint-0.03/.htaccess ProsePointRoot

    $ rmdir prosepoint-0.03

    $ cd ProsePointRoot

    The rest of the steps below assume your current directory is the ProsePointRoot.

  • Create a settings.php file. This file is updated during installation by the ProsePoint install process and tells ProsePoint how to access the database.

    $ cp sites/default/default.settings.php sites/default/settings.php

  • Ensure files and directory permissions are correct. During installation, ProsePoint needs to make changes to a few files and directories underneath ProsePointRoot.

    $ chmod 777 sites/default

    $ chmod 666 sites/default/settings.php


Older versions of ProsePoint had an image_import directory which also need extra permissions. This no longer applies from ProsePoint 0.03 onwards.