2.2. Parts of a ProsePoint page

The following screenshot shows the interesting areas of a ProsePoint web page.

Screenshot: Frontpage (logged in)


If your ProsePoint installation has been customised with a different theme, then some of these areas may be in different locations or may not even be visible.


You have to be logged in for some of these areas to be visible.

Some of these labels are self explanatory, so we will only describe the more interesting ones below.

2.2.1. Navigation Menu

This menu is used for navigating through your ProsePoint site. The navigation menu is special for a number of following reasons.

The available menu items change depending on the privileges of the user ie. an administrator would have more menu entries available than a junior staff writer because an administrator is allowed to perform more actions. (Actually, this is true for all menus, but it tends to happen more with the navigation menu)

The navigation menu tends to hold all menu items which don't fit anywhere else.

You can distinguish which menu is the navigation menu by the menu heading. The heading will always be your username, or Navigation for visitors who are not logged in.

2.2.2. Admin Menu

The Admin Menu only appears for users with partial or full administration privileges.

It contains the same menu items as those under the Navigation Menu's Administer and Create content menu items.

Since the Admin Menu is a subset of the Navigation Menu, it is not actually needed to administer ProsePoint. Everything that can be done through the Admin Menu can be done through the Navigation Menu (albeit with a few more clicks). The Admin Menu is purely for the convenience of users.

2.2.3. Local Tasks

The Local Tasks tabs contain additional context-sensitive links. If there are no context-sensitive links, then the Local Tasks will not appear.

2.2.4. Content Area

The content area is the "main" display area of ProsePoint.