5.5. Troubleshooting

If you meet these requirements but still have problems with your site, you might find some help in the Drupal Webhosting Troubleshooting FAQ.

5.5.1. CPanel with site builder component

Some web hosting providers use CPanel on their servers with a site builder component that clashes with ProsePoint.

CPanel (or the site builder component) intercepts all references to files with zen in the pathname and redirects it to their own directories. This interferes with any PHP program or files which reside in, or use, a zen directory.

For example, if you wanted to write about Zen buddhism in a file named about-zen-buddhism.html, you can't. CPanel interferes.

Unfortunately, ProsePoint does have a zen directory so CPanel interferes with its correct operation.

If you are so affected, please ask your hosting provider to turn off the site builder component or else, change hosting provider.