Chapter 5. System Requirements

Installing ProsePoint requires a moderate level of familiarity with computer servers and internet technology. If the information in this chapter doesn't make sense to you, please find a friend or colleague who can follow it. Alternatively, you can seek commercial help in installing ProsePoint.


Some of the content in this chapter is loosely derived from Drupal documentation.

5.1. Technology Stack

ProsePoint operates on top of other software and computer technologies. You must already have these other components of the “technology stack” in order to install and use ProsePoint. They are briefly described here, from the bottom up.
A server is a computer or electronic device which provides services or information to other computers on a network.
Operating System
Basic software which is needed to run the server. Examples of operating systems are Unix, Linus, BSD, and Windows.
A structured collection of records. ProsePoint uses a database to store most of the content of your site.
Web Server
Software which accepts web page requests and sends web pages to other computers. The most cited example of this is Apache.
A programming language used to write programs to generate dynamic web pages.
An open source content management and development platform for building websites.


ProsePoint uses a modified version of Drupal. This is included with ProsePoint, so you shouldn't obtain Drupal separately.

5.1.1. Recommendations

If you have the luxury of choosing your own server setup, this is the recommended technology stack for running ProsePoint:

  • Apache 2.0.x or 2.2.x with the mod_rewrite extension enabled.
  • MySQL 5.x
  • PHP 5.2.x

Please read on for detailed requirements information.