Chapter 9. Themeing

9.1. Themes

ProsePoint is based upon Drupal so ProsePoint themes are also Drupal themes. The difference between the two lies in the level of themeing features available in the theme.

A generic Drupal theme may not have customisations for things which are specific to ProsePoint. For example, a Drupal theme won't have themeing for the extra fields in story nodes, or won't know anything about the ProsePoint visual editor.

These differences are mostly cosmetic. If you use generic Drupal themes on a ProsePoint website, it will still work. It just might not look as polished.

9.1.1. Required knowledge

Developing a theme for ProsePoint requires some knowledge of CSS, html, and Drupal themeing. Please refer elsewhere for information on these topics.

9.1.2. Directory for storing themes

If you add any themes to your ProsePoint installation, please place them underneath sites/all/themes or sites/default/themes.

If you add a theme which is meant to override a theme already included with ProsePoint, please place them underneath sites/default/themes.


Please do not place anything underneath profiles/prosepoint/themes. This directory is overwritten when ProsePoint is upgraded.