5.3. Web Server

The recommended web server is Apache 2.x.

ProsePoint requires a web server that supports clean urls. This usually means an Apache web server with the mod_rewrite extension enabled.

5.3.1. Apache

ProsePoint supports Apache 1.3 or 2.x. The majority of ProsePoint development is done using Apache 2.x so there is more testing performed on this plattform.

The Apache mod_rewrite extension is the usual way of supporting clean urls.


Please ensure Apache is not running mod_security. mod_security interferes with the execution of PHP programs and has been known to cause ProsePoint to intermittently mysteriously fail.

5.3.2. Microsoft IIS

ProsePoint should work with Microsoft IIS6 or IIS7 (though it is not recommended), provided you can get clean urls to work. For clean urls with IIS, you will need a third party product. This is outside the scope of ProsePoint.