1.3. Why should I use ProsePoint?

You shouldn't use ProsePoint just because we said so.

You should use whatever best suits your needs. If that happens to be ProsePoint, then you should use ProsePoint. If another software system suits your needs better, then you should use that.

However, please consider the following.

Most content management systems are aimed towards building a wide range of websites. This means that they are necessarily general in nature, and can only offer general capabilities. Using a general CMS to build a website often requires further configuration and custom functionality to be added.

ProsePoint is a content management system targeted specifically for newspapers and magazines. Hence, ProsePoint has inbuilt features which are known to be useful for those types of websites. This dramatically reduces the amount of customisation and extra functionality that would be required to build your newspaper or magazine website. ProsePoint has already done most of that work, so you don't have to.

This is not to say that ProsePoint will not require any customisation, just that the amount of customisation is significantly reduced. In almost all cases, website owners will want to change something about ProsePoint. That is human nature, and we cannot cater for the infinite variations.

However, if you are satisfied with the look and feel of ProsePoint "out of the box", and you do not wish to commit any additional resources at all (whether that's because of lack of time or lack of funding), then it is certainly possible to use ProsePoint without any modifications whatsoever, and it would still meet most of your needs.

Another factor to consider in evaluating ProsePoint is that ProsePoint is free and open source softare, but that has already been covered above.