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Download ProsePoint

VersionDateSizeDownloadRelease Notes
ProsePoint 0.46 17th January 2013 8281 KB prosepoint-0.46.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.45 20th December 2012 8277 KB prosepoint-0.45.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.44 13th December 2012 8277 KB prosepoint-0.44.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.43 3rd February 2012 8276 KB prosepoint-0.43.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.42 12th January 2012 8275 KB prosepoint-0.42.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.41 3rd November 2011 8479 KB prosepoint-0.41.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.40 21st July 2011 8874 KB prosepoint-0.40.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.39 26th May 2011 8754 KB prosepoint-0.39.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.38 6th May 2011 8771 KB prosepoint-0.38.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.37 16th December 2010 8936 KB prosepoint-0.37.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.36 12th November 2010 8935 KB prosepoint-0.36.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.35 12th August 2010 6755 KB prosepoint-0.35.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.34 17th June 2010 6699 KB prosepoint-0.34.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.33 6th May 2010 6678 KB prosepoint-0.33.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.32 8th April 2010 6661 KB prosepoint-0.32.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.31 4th March 2010 6566 KB prosepoint-0.31.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.30 4th February 2010 6540 KB prosepoint-0.30.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.29 17th December 2009 6504 KB prosepoint-0.29.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.28 30th October 2009 6501 KB prosepoint-0.28.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.27 22nd October 2009 6403 KB prosepoint-0.27.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.26 17th September 2009 6405 KB prosepoint-0.26.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.25 20th August 2009 6387 KB prosepoint-0.25.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.24 31st July 2009 6387 KB prosepoint-0.24.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.23 2nd July 2009 6023 KB prosepoint-0.23.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.22 11th June 2009 6012 KB prosepoint-0.22.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.21 19th May 2009 5899 KB prosepoint-0.21.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.20 14th May 2009 5770 KB prosepoint-0.20.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.19 30th April 2009 5771 KB prosepoint-0.19.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.18 4th April 2009 5739 KB prosepoint-0.18.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.17 19th March 2009 5729 KB prosepoint-0.17.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.16 26th February 2009 5663 KB prosepoint-0.16.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.15 23rd February 2009 5655 KB prosepoint-0.15.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.14 15th January 2009 5535 KB prosepoint-0.14.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.13 19th December 2008 5531 KB prosepoint-0.13.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.12 12th December 2008 5522 KB prosepoint-0.12.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.11 11th December 2008 5520 KB prosepoint-0.11.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.10 27th November 2008 5491 KB prosepoint-0.10.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.09 12th November 2008 5489 KB prosepoint-0.09.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.08 6th November 2008 5467 KB prosepoint-0.08.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.07 3rd November 2008 5407 KB prosepoint-0.07.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.06 27th October 2008 5374 KB prosepoint-0.06.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.05 23rd October 2008 5374 KB prosepoint-0.05.tar.gz Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.04 20th October 2008 5362 KB prosepoint-0.04.tar.gz Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.03 17th September 2008 6735 KB prosepoint-0.03.tar.gz Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.02 29th August 2008 5606 KB prosepoint-0.02.tar.gz Release Notes
ProsePoint 0.01 25th August 2008 5636 KB prosepoint-0.01.tar.gz No release notes


ProsePoint is presently beta software. The feature set and design is not yet complete. However, the existing functionality is very much usable.



VersionDateSizeDownloadRelease Notes
pp_newswire 6.x-3.2-pp2 19th November 2008 171 KB pp_newswire-6.x-3.2-pp2.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes
pp_newswire 6.x-3.2-pp1 17th November 2008 171 KB pp_newswire-6.x-3.2-pp1.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes

Please note this theme needs to be used with ProsePoint 0.09 or later. For a case study of the customisation of this theme, please see Customising the Drupal theme Newswire for ProsePoint.

Example customisation subtheme

For developers only:

If you want to customise the default theme that comes with ProsePoint, you can download an example custom subtheme and customise that. Extract the package and place under .../sites/all/themes or .../sites/default/themes (or equivalent). For more information, see the blog post Making your own customisations to the default theme.

VersionDateSizeDownloadRelease Notes
tma_custom 6.x-1.0 14th November 2008 726 KB tma_custom-6.x-1.1.tar.gz (md5) Release Notes

The Morning After

If you are looking for a Drupal port of the Wordpress theme The Morning After, please visit the The Morning After Drupal project page.