Frequently Asked Questions

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What . . .

What is ProsePoint?

As of writing, there are two 'things' which can be referred to as ProsePoint. One is ProsePoint (the software). The other is ProsePoint (the organisation).

ProsePoint (the software) is a web software package that allows you to create and publish your own newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication online. Everything is managed over the web, and you don't need to know anything about programming or html.

ProsePoint (the organisation) is the organisation behind ProsePoint (the software) and this website. Sometime in the future, we probably should adopt a formal name other than ProsePoint. We are physically headquartered in Perth, Australia.

ProsePoint (the organisation)

Who is ProsePoint (the organisation)?

The legal entity trading as ProsePoint is ThinkLeft, a business registered in Australia. This may change in the future for legal reasons.

What does ProsePoint (the organisation) sell?

We have plans to sell add-ons and (eventually) services and support around ProsePoint. At the moment, it's not much, so if anyone has a good idea for something we can and should sell, please do tell us.

We do not sell ProsePoint itself, since that is free and open source software.

What software products does ProsePoint (the organisation) offer?

ProsePoint (the software) is our first software product. It is a combination of third party software components and original code.

We have also recently launched the ProsePoint theme marketplace where we sell commercial themes for ProsePoint.

What services does ProsePoint (the organisation), offer?

At the moment, we don't officially offer any services. However, if you have a proposition for us, we'd certainly listen.

Why is ProsePoint (the organisation) doing this?

We believe there is a market niche for hassle free, easy to use, yet powerful, software for publishing online newspapers and magazines. We aim to meet this need, and hopefully, the market will reward us for it.

How is ProsePoint (the organisation) going to monetise this?

We haven't decided yet. When the time comes, we will examine our options and aim to come up with something that makes sense for us and our users. We will take into account the demographics of the users we attract, their opinions, and what their value-added needs are, if any.

What is the relationship between ProsePoint (the organisation) and Drupal?

There is no formal or legal connection between ProsePoint (the organisation) and Drupal or the Drupal community. However, since we use Drupal the content management system, we participate in that community.

At some point in the future (ie. when we have positive revenues), we intend to join the Drupal Association.

ProsePoint (the software)

Under what license is ProsePoint (the software) released?

Please see the license page.

What are the system requirements and supported platforms for ProsePoint (the software)?

ProsePoint (the software) needs to be installed on an internet or intranet web server. Users only need a modern web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or others) to use ProsePoint.

For web server requirements, please see the requirements page in the ProsePoint user guide.

What sort of support is available for ProsePoint (the software)?

Whilst ProsePoint (the software) is still in active development, all support is on a best effort basis from ProsePoint (the organisation) staff, this website or the community. In other words, there is no commitment of support, but we will try our best given available circumstances.

Depending on the situation and the specifics of your issue, you may also find help at the Drupal website forums or other forums on the Internet.

Once ProsePoint (the software) development has stabilised, we will review the status of support.

What is ProsePoint's security policy?

Upon disclosure of a confirmed software security vulnerability, we aim to have a new release addressing the issue available within 24-36 hours. This is also on a best effort basis.

Why should I use ProsePoint (the software) instead of X?

You shouldn't use ProsePoint (the software) just because we said so. You should use whatever best suits your needs.

Demo Site

Why can't I log into the demo site?

Please make sure you are trying to log into the demo site at, not the main ProsePoint website.

The username for the demo site is demo. The password for the demo site is demo.

If you can't log in, it's possible someone has logged in and changed the demo password. Please try again in an hour (the demo site should have been reset by then).

If the demo site is down, please try again in an hour.

After an hour, if you still can't log in, or the demo site is still down, then definitely something is wrong. Please send us an email through the contact page.

Why isn't the demo site running the latest version of ProsePoint?

After a new release of ProsePoint, it may take a day or two before we reinstall the demo site. If a new release does not have enough new features, we will leave the demo site at the prior version.


What is the relationship between ProsePoint (the software) and Drupal?

ProsePoint (the software) is a derivative work of Drupal. Drupal is the base content management system underneath ProsePoint, and provides most of the generic functionality. Using Drupal 6.x as a starting point, we have added extra functionality and customisations deemed to be useful for newspaper and magazine publishers.

Is ProsePoint (the software) a fork of Drupal?

Yes and no. Technically, yes, ProsePoint (the software) can be regarded as a fork of Drupal because we have made a small number of changes to it. Practically, no, ProsePoint (the software) is not intended to be a fork of Drupal.

ProsePoint (the software) aims to keep as close to Drupal, and use as much common code, as possible. Ideally, we would use Drupal code without modification. However, to be practical, we may make minor changes to Drupal core if deemed to be suitable. We aim to keep these changes as small as possible. We do not intend to diverge from Drupal.

Can I use Drupal modules with ProsePoint?

ProsePoint is 100% compatible with Drupal 6.x modules so, yes, you can use them. However, we do not provide support for the use of modules except for those which are included with ProsePoint. We may, at our discretion, help with diagnosing issues to determine whether a problem lies inside, or outside of, ProsePoint. If you add your own module to your ProsePoint website, it is your responsibility to conduct your own testing and support.

Please note this also applies if you change the version of a module that is included with ProsePoint. For example, if ProsePoint includes module Hello version X, and you replace it with module Hello version Y, then that's the same as if you added a completely new module.

Each version of ProsePoint comprises a combination of specific versions of modules which have been tested and are known to work together. We cannot possibly support the many permutations if users change module versions.

How do I add Drupal module X to my ProsePoint site?

Please add your own modules to either sites/all/modules or sites/default/modules (or equivalent). Before you add your module, you may like to contact us and see if we had any plans to add module X to ProsePoint.

What if I want to change the version of a module that was included with ProsePoint?

Please add your own version of the module to sites/default/modules (or equivalent). Modules in this directory take priority over those included with ProsePoint. You will need to visit .../?q=admin/build/modules/list to trigger a rescan of available modules.

Please do not change any of the modules included with ProsePoint, as it may hinder diagnosis of any support issues.

What if I want to change Drupal core?

If you know what you're doing, go ahead. We aren't stopping you. However, please make sure you preserve the .../profiles/prosepoint directory, otherwise ProsePoint will cease to function.

You probably want to preserve .../sites as well. That is where your own data is stored.

Can I use Drupal themes with ProsePoint?

ProsePoint is 100% compatible with Drupal 6.x themes so, yes, you can use them. However, you may experience some loss of functionality. Most publicly available Drupal themes are designed for generic websites, and do not support themeing for features specific to ProsePoint. For examples of ProsePoint specific themeing, you may like to see the case study Customising the Drupal theme Newswire for ProsePoint.

Instead of using ProsePoint, can't I just download all the components and put them together myself?

You can. We aren't stopping you.

However, consider this: It takes a lot of time and effort to evaluate, select, assemble, integrate and test those components. We have done all that work so you don't have to. Furthermore, ProsePoint contains some original application-specific Drupal modules and the only way to obtain these is to download ProsePoint and extract them out yourself.

If you still want to put it together yourself. Go ahead.

Why should I use ProsePoint instead of Drupal?

You shouldn't use ProsePoint just because we said so. You should use whatever best suits your needs.

Using ProsePoint

Can I change ProsePoint settings?

You are very welcome to change any of the settings in ProsePoint. However, changing some settings may have unexpected consequences or cause lots of error messages to appear. You probably want to note down the prior values so you can switch back quickly if needed.

Furthermore, please be aware that some ProsePoint upgrades may reconfigure some settings to default ProsePoint values. Generally, the upgrade will tell you which settings, if any, were reconfigured. If you had made changes to these settings, you'll have to review them and change them back after the upgrade.

Why is page caching disabled?

Page caching is disabled by default because it prevents scheduling from working. Unfortunately, this may also slow down your site.

If you have cron enabled (ie. a periodic task visiting .../cron.php every hour), then you can enable page caching and scheduling will still work.

I enabled page caching but now scheduling doesn't work.

Please see the previous question. It's the same issue.

Why don't tables work on my website, but they work in the visual editor?

For tables (and some other formatting options) to work, you need to be a privileged user, and you need to turn on Full HTML. To do this, click on Input format under the visual editor to expand the fieldset, and then select Full HTML.

ProsePoint is very security conscious, and the formatting information that create tables (and some other formatting options) can be used to insert malicious code and scripts so they are usually filtered out. Hence, to use tables, you need to be a privileged user, and you need to explicitly turn off html filtering.

Why doesn't padding/indenting work but it works in the visual editor?

Please see the previous question. It's the same issue.

Why do I see a blank page in my browser?

If you visit your website and get a blank page, it's likely that php ran out of memory. Some people call this the white screen of death (WSOD).

You should try increasing your php memory limit. See or for more information.

Why do I see a white screen when I visit my website?

Please see the previous question. It's the same issue.

How do I fix Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted (tried to allocate YYY bytes) ...?

Please see the question Why do I see a blank page in my browser?. It's the same issue.

Do I need clean urls?

Yes. From ProsePoint 0.03 onwards, ProsePoint requires a web server that supports clean urls. The user guide is a bit out of date. Clean urls are required. Sorry.

If you had a ProsePoint 0.03 site without clean urls, and you haven't experienced any image related bugs or issues, then you've been lucky.

I'm installing ProsePoint 0.05 and after I've selected the variant, the installation process stops halfway with just a white page

Unfortunately, ProsePoint 0.05 (and 0.04) has a critical installation related bug. On a server with PHP less than 5.2.x, the installation process crashes halfway and you'll see a blank screen. For a workaround, see

How do I fix Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in ...includes\ on line 891?

ProsePoint is designed to work with PHP having a max_execution_time of 30 seconds. If ProsePoint takes longer than this, you can try increasing the setting max_execution_time to 60 seconds.

The location where max_execution_time is defined depends on your server setup. It's usually in the same spot as the more commonly cited memory_limit setting. If you can find memory_limit, you should be able to find max_execution_time. If you are using shared hosting, you may need to ask your web host to set it for you.

If you encounter this error message on a Windows server during installation, and you never reached the Database configuration page (section 6.4.1) of, you may need to increase your max_execution_time to 10 minutes or more. That's correct: 10 minutes or more.

For some reason, installing ProsePoint take an extraordinarily long time to execute on some Windows servers. We're not sure why this is the case. After installation, you should be able to reduce max_execution_time back to 30 seconds.