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What am i supposed to do now?

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Im completely new to web design. Rather proficient at InDesign, in a Newspaper publisher sort of way. I downloaded the program but looked for an exe file or an install file....couldnt find either.... Am i out of my element here? it seems outside my capabilities in as much as i cant see anything happening and dont see a "idiots Button" what should i do?

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Tom, I just finished the


I just finished the initial setup, created my password and discovered your post.  I can't believe that we are basically in the same boat!  I publish a VERY small newspaper, I'm fairly new to indesign, I have NO web design experience and the 'idiot button' is usually the first thing that I look for.  I'll let you know if I come across it but so far, I'm not ready to give up on this.  Considering I bought a newspaper and I have NO experience in the business, I figure I can conquer this webstuff too. Let's keep in touch! 


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